February 12, 2020

[Ep. 226] How to Make Money as a Full-Time YouTuber with Marko Zlatic

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You hear all the time that these YouTubers started a channel just for fun, then a few years later…BAM they’re doing it full-time and raking in the dough! Is it true or is it just hype? Wanting to get to the bottom of this, for this episode of the podcast I talk to Marko Zlatic, the YouTuber behind the popular WhiteBoard Finance channel, to find out how he was able to quit his day job in finance to run his channel full-time in just a few years.

I was lucky enough to have met Marko at FinCon 2019, and I was shocked to learn later that his channel was huge! Not only that, the advice he gives in his video is actual quality, with tons of well-researched and explained videos. A rarity with all the click-bait hype channels that are really just trying to sell you something or promote some get-rich-quick dream.

So, how does he do it? Putting in the work for years without seeing a dollar, creating quality videos on topics people want the answers to, and of course, there’s the X factor that just makes him stand out and keeps his viewers coming back for more.

Besides chatting about his channel, we also discussed some of his tips from his top videos, such as how to not get scammed at the car dealership and how to survive the next recession. If you’re just getting into YouTube and are looking for some quality personal finance channels to follow, make sure to subscribe to WhiteBoard Finance (and why not my channel while you’re at it).

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