Todd Tresidder

May 8, 2019

[Ep. 197] The Leverage Equation to Reach Financial Independence with Todd Tresidder

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I love having repeat guests on the show, especially when it’s been years since their last interview with me. For this episode, I have founder and author Todd Tresidder back on the show to talk about his new book The Leverage Equation. If you’re a longtime listener, you’ll remember him from episode 46 where we talked about his journey of reaching financial independence at 35.

For this episode, we talk more about the topics he discusses in his book, namely how to reach financial independence by using leverage.

So, what is leverage? It’s not a negative word at all! It actually means using different processes and strategies to reach your goals. For instance, we talk a lot about how many investment experts will share how passive investing is the way to go. And although Todd agrees this strategy has merit, he doesn’t believe can reach millionaire status quickly by doing this alone. In order to reach financial independence at an early age, you need to take advantage of other asset classes besides stocks and bonds, such as real estate and entrepreneurship.

To learn more, grab a copy of his new book The Leverage Equation!

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