[Ep. 46] Finding Financial Freedom with Todd Tresidder

todd-tresidder-bio-headshotTodd Tresidder from Financial Mentor is a numbers guy. It helped him craft a successful career as a hedge fund manager, as well as figure out a way to retire at the ripe age of 35. But his plan wasn’t to just save up a bunch of money and spend the rest of his days on the beach sipping margaritas. Financial freedom to him meant he could finally spend his time doing something he loved.

What I really enjoyed about talking with Todd was that he was just as open about his failures as he was about his successes. Although society tells us we are to aim for perfection and failure isn’t an option, in reality failure is natural and a big part of succeeding. If we didn’t fail, how would we know what not to do?

That’s a big component of Todd’s story. He started his website back in the 90s when you had to hard code everything. I can’t imagine trying to start an online business without the saving grace of WordPress, so big props to you Todd!

It’s gone through a number of evolutions since that time, and he shares that he learned a lot about digital marketing and e-commerce the hard way. It’s great to see that he’s now really hit his stride. No lie, I work in digital marketing for a living and I listen to a ton of marketing podcasts — everything Todd is doing on his website is exactly what the experts are saying to do!

Although Todd admits he made a number of mistakes when it came to his business, every single mistake he made helped lead him to where he is today. Not only is he a top money coach, blogger and podcaster, he’s also a self-made millionaire and living a life most of us are still striving for.

One of my favourite parts of this episode is when Todd stopped the interview to grab a post-it from his computer to share the following Andy Warhol quote that he frequently refers to:

Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.

I love this quote so much, and man did it really hit home for me when he read it out loud. Growing up, I thought I would be an artist as a career. And I still thought it when I enrolled in film school in my early 20s.

When I had to get a real job and start my adult life, I was honestly a bit ashamed that I couldn’t make a living making art like I thought I would. Well, I’ve been adulting for over 6 years now, and what I’ve realized is that I am making art. My business is my art, and that’s pretty darn cool. Thanks for the quote Todd, it’s now a post-it on my computer too. I’m hoping it will give me that much needed focus so I can attain financial freedom at an early age just like you.

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