February 7, 2019

[Ep. 182] Making an Impact with Your Investments with Trish Nixon

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Since it’s launch week for Season 8 of the More Money Podcast, I’ve got a bonus episode for you!
Last season, CoPower sponsored my podcast. So, I thought it would be fun to bring on Trish Nixon, Managing Director & Head of Capital of CoPower, to discuss impact investing with me.
You may or may not have heard about impact investing before, but that could be because it goes by so many different names: socially responsible investing, green investing, sustainable investing, ethical investing (you get the picture). No matter what the name, what this episode is about is being a more mindful and conscious investor.

You see, with every dollar you invest you are saying you want the companies you’re investing in to become more profitable and successful. There’s nothing wrong with that…unless the companies you’re investing in aren’t actually very ethical or don’t align with your personal values. That’s why we need to be more aware of what companies are in our mutual funds or ETFs. We need to see if there’s something we don’t like, then do something about it.

One thing you can do is negative screening. It’s basically a way to take out the worst offenders in your portfolio or find a portfolio that doesn’t include them. This is obviously easier if you’re a DIY investor because you have more control over what companies you invest in, but as you’ll see below there are a ton of big banks and robo-advisors that are offering more SRI portfolios now too.

Socially Responsible Investment Products

To give you a better sense of what kind of socially responsible investments exist, here’s a quick list of model portfolios and investment products that are considered SRI.

Resources About Impact Investing

To learn more about sustainable investing and CoPower’s Green Bonds, check out my blog post and some of CoPower’s best blog posts on the subject:

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