December 7, 2017

[Ep. 136] Thoughts on My First Year of Entrepreneurship

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To wrap up Season 5 of the More Money Podcast, I thought it would be a good opportunity to do another solo episode to share my reflection on the past year.

A ton has happened these past 12 months, so much so that even though I spewed my guts for 40 minutes in this episode, there was still so much I didn’t share. But I think my overall sentiments on the year got across.

To think back to where I was this time last year, honestly, it’s like night and day. This time last year I was stressed, burnt out, and frustrated. My life was going in a direction I didn’t like, and I knew the only way to get back on a path that felt right, I needed to make a drastic change.

Even though I thought I was prepared before quitting my job to work for myself, looking back I really was taking a huge risk. I didn’t have a business plan, I just had some ideas on how I’d make a living based on how I earned money with my side hustle (being my blog and podcast).

Throughout the year, I fleshed things out a bit more, got more focused (sort of), and now have 10 different streams of income. I definitely want to focus things more in 2018, pair down those streams of income to maybe 5, and increase my business revenue to 6-figures.
And two big ways I hope to accomplish this are by ramping up marketing and promotion of the Rich & Fit Bootcamp and launching my financial counseling practice.

Lots to look forward to in 2018, but before the New Year starts I’m just thankful for how 2017 went. I’m proud that I stayed strong, worked hard, and proved to myself (and all the nay-sayers) that I could do this on my own.

Here’s to a New Year and endless possibilities!

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