December 6, 2017

[Ep. 135] Making Life-Changing Money with Michelle Jackson

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Before I recorded this episode, I’d only met Michelle Jackson from Michelle Is Money Hungry a few times at past FinCon conferences. But the few times we did meet, we immediately hit it off. Michelle just has a special energy and light that I couldn’t forget, and because she is all about earning money these days, and that’s what the theme for this season has been about, I knew she would make the perfect guest for my last interview for Season 5 of the show.

The reason I gave this episode the title “Making Life Changing Money” is because it’s one of the things Michelle mentioned at the start of this episode that I couldn’t stop thinking about. It’s just such a great way to express how I also view earning more money. I don’t want to earn more just so I can buy more stuff. I want to earn more so I can do more stuff, including continuing to create free content like my blog, podcast, and YouTube videos that aim to promote financial literacy. I want to earn more so I can live a life that is full and financially secure. I want to earn more so I can take care of myself and my family, but also others who need my help too.

And that’s exactly how Michelle lives her life as a new entrepreneur. She wants to earn more so she can live her best life, but also so she can afford to help others live their best lives too. Throughout this season, I interviewed a lot of guests on how to earn more, but I think this final episode is a great way to cap things off by focusing on the why.

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