October 11, 2017

[Ep. 119] How Not to Self-Sabotage Your Finances with Whitney Hansen

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For this episode of the podcast, I chat with fellow female podcaster (The Money Nerds Podcast) and money coach Whitney Hansen.

I first got to know Whitney over the summer actually when she approached me to speak at her virtual conference called The Money Summit. I had a blast, and as a bit of a humble brag, I’m happy to say my session is one of the summit’s most popular (okay, end of brag, I just couldn’t resist).

After the summit, I knew I needed to have Whitney on my show so she could share her financial expertise. Not only is she, like me, a millennial money expert, but she has also hustled to pay off her debt and save up to be able to live the life she’s always wanted. And, like me, she isn’t afraid to share that she worked hard and long hours to get herself there (you go girl!).

The main focus of our chat however is the 4 most common things people do to sabotage their finances. As a full-time money coach, Whitney has seen it all and has noticed that many of the people she’s helped make the same mistakes over and over. If you want to make sure you avoid those mistakes, then check out the list below and listen (or watch) my interview with Whitney!

4 Signs You Might Be Self-Sabotaging Your Financial Life

  1. You’re stuck at the same income level for a little while (ie. 3 years)
  2. You’re paying off debt, then immediately getting back into debt
  3. You’re comparing your financial life to others
  4. You don’t have clarity in terms of your financial goals

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