[Ep. 81] Making a Case for the Wealthy Renter with Alex Avery

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To kick off season 4 of the Mo’ Money Podcast, I chat with a very special guest about one of my favourite topics — homeownership. Alex Avery, the author of The Wealthy Renter, and I chat about the upside of renting and how homeownership isn’t for everyone and doesn’t have to be.

I’ve been an advocate for renting for a while, having been a renter myself for close to 6 years. It was the only way my husband and I could afford to live and work in downtown Vancouver and Toronto. If we tried to avoid renting and bought something right away, we’d either be forced to move an hour away or would be chained to a huge mortgage for 20+ years.

Instead, we chose to rent and save up our money so one day we could afford to buy without becoming house poor (which we did this past August).

These are some of the points Alex touches on in his book too. The idea that renting is the equivalent to throwing your money away is outdated and unfounded. Renting can actually mean more flexibility in your life and more space to save more money so you are richer in the end.

And lucky for you I’m giving away a few copies of Alex’s book, so scroll down a bit to enter to win a free copy!

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