January 11, 2017

[Ep. 82] Why I Quit My Job to Become an Entrepreneur

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This week, I’m no longer an employee — I’m an entrepreneur. It’s crazy for me to even write that because I honestly never thought this would be my reality.

Growing up, I never had aspirations to own my own business. I thought I’d follow the path my parents laid out and would work for a company until I retired.

But…life is hard to predict, isn’t it?

Even though this wasn’t a premeditated decision, it was something I was thinking about doing on and off for the past little while. I honestly thought I’d work my 9 to 5 for another year, then maybe take the plunge, but the timing was just right so I had to take action.

Do you know when everything in your gut and in life is telling you to do something? That’s basically what happened to me in a nutshell. It’s a big risk going on my own, but I’m really excited about this new adventure. And I really appreciate all the support from all of you, it makes this transition so much easier!

I will absolutely be documenting this new journey and sharing more solo episodes along the way, but if you haven’t already, make sure to check out my blog post that announced my new venture, and make sure to leave a comment there if you have any pieces of advice you’d like to send my way!

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