[Ep. 308] Trauma, Privilege & Diversity in Personal Finance with Parween Mander

December 15, 2021

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[mk_padding_divider] [mk_blockquote font_family=”none”]We just assume everyone is fine financially but behind closed doors, we never truly know.[/mk_blockquote]

As the podcast starts to wind down before a short winter break, I’m so glad that before the end of the season I get to share today’s episode. Today we’re tackling some important topics like privilege, money trauma, and how to build generational wealth as a child of immigrants. To help navigate these topics is my guest and fellow Accredited AFCC® Parween Mander. 

Parween is a South Asian money expert and founder of the Wealthy Wolfe. She holds the Accredited Financial Counselor Canada® designation and is also a certified Trauma of Money Facilitator. She’s on a mission to provide honest and relatable financial coaching for women of colour. From her upbringing as a child of immigrants, she has been determined to help other WOC overcome their financial traumas and build generational wealth.

Parween shares how her money journey began at 16 and why privilege is often a big part of people’s money journey that isn’t acknowledged. There needs to be more diversity in this industry and I’m glad Parween is one of the amazing voices that’s spreading that message and her financial expertise. 

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