[Ep. 294] Freelancing, Hustle Culture & Leaving the 9-5 with Jessica & Sarah Moorhouse

September 23, 2021

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Sarah MoorhouseFor today’s episode, I’m being interviewed by my younger sister and virtual assistant, Sarah Moorhouse! We dive into never-before-heard stories about how I went from being a corporate employee to a business owner, why freelancing is not for everyone, hustle culture, and my tips for newbie freelancers.

When I was back home in Vancouver over the summer, I brought all my podcast equipment with me without knowing what this episode would be about. Sarah had the great idea to turn it around and interview me on all things freelance since she has joined the self-employment club this past year. We also talk about what success means to me, and of course, some money talk. 

We had a lot of fun recording this episode and I enjoyed sharing more about my journey than I ever have before. I really hope you enjoy this episode too!

Things Mentioned in This Episode

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