[Ep. 53] Money, University & Making It in the Real World

When my younger sister Sarah came to visit me in Toronto after she graduated university, we had a ton of fun! Of course we did all of the touristy things you’d expect: Niagara Falls, the CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario. I also took her to some of the best eats in the city including Libretto Pizzeria, Arctic Bites and Margaritas.

Besides walking a million miles a day and eating ourselves silly, I also convinced her to do something she’d probably never do — chat with me about money live on Facebook.

It was a bit scary for me too. I’m still not that familiar with live streaming, although I know it’s the thing to do. But I was actually really shocked to see how comfortable Sarah was in front of the camera. You’d never guess she was super nervous right before I hit the play button.

Anywho, I turned that live stream into a special summer podcast episode while I’m on a bit of a hiatus until the fall. So take a listen, or if you want to see how alike we are, check out the video below.

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