[Ep. 3] The Shopping Ban with Cait Flanders

I really looked forward to having Cait Flanders from Blonde on a Budget on my podcast. I think she was actually one of the first guests I approached to be on the show and she said yes right away (thanks Cait!).

Not only is Cait one of my all-time favourite personal finance bloggers, we’ve also become really great friends over the past few years. She is seriously just as genuine in-person as she is on her blog, which is why I think we get along so well.

I’m a give it to me (and give it to you) straight kinda gal and Cait is definitely one of the most honest people and bloggers I know. Not many people could write about getting themselves out of debt and embarking on a shopping ban like she does.

A bit of background on how this episode came together, I actually recorded it on site in Vancouver. I went to Vancouver in March to visit my family and while I was there I had a bit of free time. So, I asked Cait to come over and we recorded this episode together. I was pretty nervous because this was the first time I’d ever used all of my podcast equipment by myself (I previously relied on my audio engineering husband), but luckily I didn’t mess anything up and it went pretty smoothly.

Besides Cait being a friend and a favourite blogger of mine, the big reason I wanted her to share her story on my podcast was because it is so relatable. She racked up a bunch of credit card debt, had to move back in with her parents, then started blogging about her situation as motivation to get out of the hole she dug herself.

And she did it, and continues to live a more financially responsible lifestyle which includes a shopping ban and living like a minimalist.

We mentioned a few resources on the show, so I wanted to include them below. And if you’re just getting into personal finance and budgeting yourself, I highly recommend checking out Cait’s new Mindful Budgeting Program below. It’s a super handy tool to help you start budgeting with your best foot forward!

Mentioned on the Show

  • 30-Day Minimalism Challenge
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  • Rob

    Hi Jess,
    I’ve just been listening to your excellent podcasts (including the ones with Josh and Cait) and I really want to compliment you on a fantastic effort that you have put in to this project.
    A thought crossed my mind as I was listening to you and Cait talk about saving money. Earlier this morning I read (in some other article) an interesting take on increasing one’s net worth and I think it’s something that both you and Cait should consider for future blogging material.
    The author’s take on increasing one’s net worth is that it consists of 3 main legs:
    (1) increase in saving
    (2) increase in earning
    (3) increase in investing
    We all know about increasing our savings by reducing our spending – that’s somewhat easy and straightforward.
    Increasing one’s earnings is a tad harder but still doable – through more side-hussles, free-lancing more gigs (just ask Josh), and/or seeking out raises in one’s 9-to-5 job working for the man.
    Investing is probably even a tad harder still (and at times riskier) but still doable, given the right tools, advice and direction.
    Of course as you and Cait point out, all these things are very personal to one’s unique lifestyle, ability and personality. Nonetheless, from my own experience, all 3 are necessary over the long term.
    So lots there to research, experience for yourselves, and blog about. Just a suggestion for future blog posts and podcasts.

    • Jessica Moorhouse

      Thanks Rob! I’ve got some episodes coming up about doing the whole making more money and investing thing coming up so super pumped to share those. Glad you liked the episodes!

  • Connie

    Thanks for the great podcasts. I learned about these through Cait’s blog. It’s good to hear that there are so many young people on this path. I didn’t become debt free until I was in my 50’s. I bought into all the hype about debt & using other people’s money. It took me years to figure out this was not the path I wanted to be on.
    It is so refreshing to hear that people are figuring it out sooner. I become debt free 11 years & have never looked back.
    Happy Birthday & best wishes for the path you’re traveling.

    • Jessica Moorhouse

      Thanks Connie! So glad you enjoyed the episode, and I’ve got a number of other great ones with inspiring stories coming up too. 🙂

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