How Saying No Can Save Your Finances with Sarah Li Cain from High Fiving Dollars

March 1, 2017

[Ep. 94] How Saying No Can Save Your Finances with Sarah Li Cain

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Sarah, a fellow Canadian now living in the U.S. with her husband and son, isn’t just another personal finance blogger. She’s a money storyteller on a mission to teach others about how your actions can truly affect your finances in ways you may have never thought.
Take her story for example. Throughout most of her life she was a “Yes Man.” Always saying yes when asked for help and putting herself second to provide for those she loved. This doesn’t sound so bad, that is until someone takes advantage of your kindness. Which was the case for one of the relationships she was in, where she found herself stuck with $9,000 in debt after the breakup.
Sarah doesn’t want this to be your story, and she shares more thoughtful pieces of advice in our interview. Not only that, she’s developed a number of great resources to help you on your personal finance journey I’ve listed below.

Take Sarah’s Spending Triggers Course

Figure Out Your Spending Triggers Course by Sarah Li CainSarah’s recently created a two-week course all about the triggers that make us overspend and generally mishandle our money.
If you want to learn how to curb your spending (and find out why you’re doing it in the first place), sign up to take her course. You won’t be disappointed!
I was lucky enough to preview her course before she officially launched it, and thought it was a really great and unique program that I knew listeners of my podcast would enjoy.
Register for Sarah’s spending triggers course here.

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