June 16, 2015

[Ep. 5] Money and Relationships with Christine Nguyen

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Thank you all for tuning into episode 5 of the More Money Podcast. In this episode, I interview Toronto personal finance blogger Christine Nguyen from The Wallet Diet, and we talk about an awkward yet oh-so-important topic — money and relationships.

Christine is a relatively new blogger to the personal finance community (she just started her blog in the fall of 2014), but I knew I had to interview her because honestly I just really liked her online persona.

She seemed like a really cool, genuine gal who would be up for talking about anything related to money — and luckily I was right!

What I seriously love about having this podcast is that it gives me the opportunity to have conversations I probably wouldn’t otherwise have with people who are so open and incredibly interesting. I really do hope that sharing more and more of these episodes it’ll help people think about money in a different way or spark up a conversation between friends or family. Lord knows it’s sparked a lot of conversations with me and my family and friends, that’s for sure!

Before sharing some important links I mentioned in the show, I want to thank you all again for supporting this podcast! It’s only in its 3rd week now, but I’m seriously floored by the feedback and amount of downloads I’ve received thus far.

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Shout Outs

At the beginning of this episode, I gave some shout-outs to my first two iTunes reviews! Thanks so much, Alterto 87 and Sarah from Unsettle. You made my day and I appreciate you and your feedback. If you want to get a shout-out on my show, make sure to give me a review on iTunes or Stitcher and I’ll read it out on a future episode.

At what stage in a relationship would you start talking about money with your partner? What was your experience like?

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