October 19, 2016

[Ep. 67] How Heidi from Vancouver Is Crushing Her Debt While Self-Employed

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Can I just say how much I am loving this Listener Series? It may have been one of my best ideas! One of the perks of having a podcast I guess, I get to talk to so many amazing people and see how they do things.

And one of those amazing people is Heidi from Vancouver. It honestly warmed my heart when she mentioned things like B.C. Ferries and the PNE! Ah, my hometown! I sure do miss it.

What I loved about chatting with Heidi was she was proof that you can live a good life while being a freelancer in the arts industry. I was honestly afraid that I’d be a poor artist all my life, which is a big reason why I looked for a regular 9-5 gig after completing my film degree. But Heidi is fearless and has crafted a career where she gets to do what she loves and get paid for it.

Below are a few things that Heidi mentioned on the show that you may find useful. And remember, if you’re a listener and want to be on my show, just email me!

Free Ways to Entertain Yourself

  • Heidi mentioned a free way to listen to audiobooks, and it’s called LibriVox. Check it out!
  • You may already know this one, but I still take advantage of all the free movies, TV shows, and books at my local library, so you should too.

Heidi’s Top Money Tips for Freelancers

  • Pay yourself an income. You can figure out how much income you should pay yourself by looking at how much you made the previous year and then rounding down that number, and then calculating the minimum amount of money you need to live on.
  • Don’t be ashamed. This goes for talking about your financial situation, how much you make, or how much debt you’re in.
  • Talk to others about money. The best way to learn about money and get better at managing it is to find out what others are doing with it.

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