February 2, 2017

[Ep. 88] How to Dress for Success on a Budget with Christina Proctor

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When podcast listener Christina Proctor emailed me about her story and how she became a style coach, I knew I needed to chat with her for a Listener Series episode. I am probably the least fashionable person around, but that doesn’t mean I want to be! So When Christina said she could share her expertise on building a solid wardrobe on a real person’s budget, I got pretty excited.

Right now, Christina is a style coach as a side hustle (learn more about her at WearOutThere.ca), which I think is awesome. It started out as a passion for fashion and a hobby, developed into a money-making side hustle, and she hopes in the future to turn it into a full-time business.

It’s not easy having two jobs (don’t I know it!), but as Christina shares, it can also be incredibly rewarding. She’s not just having fun and making money on the side, she’s also helping women and men find their true personal styles and showing them how to do it without bursting their budget.

Christina shared a number of great tips in this episode, so make sure to check out some of her key pieces of advice below.

Tips to Stay Frugal & Fashionable

  • Stay away from trends, stick with timeless pieces.
  • Shop for your body shape so you don’t buy pieces you’ll never wear after buying them.
  • Buy pieces that meet your goals. Is your priority to look your best at the office? Then invest in quality pieces for work, and then be more of a minimalist for your off-hours wardrobe.
  • Shop consignment. You can find some great quality and unique pieces at a discount by doing so.
  • Always shop with a list.

Helpful Resources

I spent a good chunk of 2016 creating resources to help you with your money, and life and adding more balance into the mix. Check them out on my resources page.
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