October 12, 2016

[Ep. 65] How Sharifa Balanced Paying Off Debt with Going Back to School

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She shares how she was able to travel, pay for her wedding in cash, buy a place in one of the most expensive cities in the world, go back to school, but also aggressively pay down her debt and help her husband to do the same.
She also just so happens to have her own blog, Maturish Life, so make sure to check that to find out what she’s been up to the past few months. Hint: she may being going back to school for a third time (hmm, she sounds just like me!).

Sharifa’s Awesome Financial Advice for Others in the Same Boat?

  • Write all your debts down, including interest rates and minimum payments
  • Pay yourself first the entire time
  • Choose your payment strategy: highest interest first or smallest balance, based on what makes you feel good
  • Cut expenses!
  • Automate as much as possible
  • Write down and look often at your “Why?”
  • Enrol those closest to you

Read Her Blog Interview with Me:

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