November 22, 2016

[Ep. 76] How to Retire by 33 with Anita Dhake

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Just to warn you, this podcast interview with Anita Dhake may make you want to hoard all of your money and live as frugally as possible so you can retire early too. From the sounds of it, early retirement does not disappoint. Who wouldn’t want to live the life they want right now, instead of waiting until 65 or later?

As I mentioned in this episode, I stumbled upon Anita and her amazing story by just doing some research online. And I’m so glad I did find her! Not only is her story super inspiring, but how she explains it, but it’s also not that far-fetched. Yes, it helped that she worked as a lawyer and thus made a good salary. But still, early retirement isn’t just something rich people can afford to do.

If you take some of her bits of advice, maybe check out the book she’s read twice, and just have a plan and take action, you might be able to retire way earlier than you thought.

4% Rule Explained

According to Investopedia:

The four percent rule is a rule of thumb used to determine the amount of funds to withdraw from a retirement account each year. This rule seeks to provide a steady stream of funds to the retiree, while also keeping an account balance that allows funds to be withdrawn for a number of years. The 4% rate is considered a “safe” rate, with the withdrawals consisting primarily of interest and dividends.

Anita’s Book & Blog Recommendations

Anita’s Tips to Retire Early

  • Realize what you want with your life. The life you want will determine the amount of money you need to retire early.
  • The less money you need, the sooner you can do it. The sooner you feel rich, the sooner you can live the life you want to live.
  • Limit your vices, and pick and choose to spend money on things that give you joy.

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