[Ep. 18] How Not to Live like a Starving Artist with Melissa Bondar

September 15, 2015

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We both went to art school in university, her for theatre and me for film. But instead of pursuing a career in my field like Melissa did, I kind of chickened out and just ran in the complete opposite direction.
No regrets of course, and looking back I can say confidently that the film industry and me would not have been a good fit. That being said, I think it is so cool that Melissa pursued her dream of working in theatre and now she has an awesome job as a stage manager in New York City! You go girl!
Melissa and I talked about a ton of stuff on the show, and I’ve listed some of her blog posts that we talked about below.
For anyone who is thinking about working in the arts, or is already working in that field and needs a good blog to read about being smart with money, make sure to check out Melissa’s blog and follow her on Twitter!

Links Melissa & I Mentioned

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