May 3, 2016

[Ep. 48] How to Balance Family, Money & Career with Jen Hemphill

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Jen Hemphill is an entrepreneur, money coach, mother, and army wife, and in this episode of the More Money Podcast, she chatted with me about how she started her own business while juggling the family finances and being a full-time stay-at-home mom.

I often wondered how people like Jen did it. It’s not easy having to move around the country for your partner’s job, having to start a new life in a new town every few years. I’ve only moved cities once, and honestly, once might just be enough for me! Not only that but being married to someone in the military can mean giving up your career to support your partner’s career. That is not an easy thing to do, though as Jen shares in this episode, it’s not the only option.

Jen figured out a way to have a career that melded perfectly with her life. She started her own business that she could take with her anywhere by being a money coach online. Not only that, she’s really good at what she does! She is just so passionate about helping people, especially women, take control of their finances and set themselves up for a better future, it was incredibly inspiring talking to her.

On top of being a money coach, Jen also has her own podcast and continually makes new resources to help teach others about personal finance. I’ve listed a few resources below, plus my favourite podcast episodes of hers. Lastly, she also has a Facebook group for women who want to take ownership of their financial lives, so if you’re looking for a community that fits this bill, make sure to join!

Helpful Resources & Books

My Favourite Her Money Matters Podcast Episodes

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