Frederick Vettese

May 18, 2022

[Ep. 329] A Better Way to Save for Retirement with Frederick Vettese

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I have another returning guest joining me on the podcast today to share more about his new book and his rule of thumb for saving for retirement. Frederick Vettesse is back on the podcast to talk about his new book, The Rule of 30: A Better Way to Save for Retirement, and the different approach he took to write this book as opposed to his others. 

Frederick Vettesse is the former chief actuary of Lifeworks and a best-selling author of books all about retirement. He’s also a regular contributor for the Globe and Mail. He first appeared on the More Money podcast in episode 262 where he chatted about how to not run out of money during retirement.

In this episode, Frederick explains what the rule of 30 is for retirement, including how much to save and invest at certain ages and stages in your life and is it ever too late to start. We also talk about investing options including if real estate is still a good investment for your future. Another important topic we cover is planning for the best-case scenario along with the unexpected and inevitable changes that come from getting older including potential job loss and declining health.   

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