May 4, 2022

[Ep. 327] Putting Together Your Financial First Aid Kit with Alyssa Davies

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Take advantage of the things that will keep you financially secure
– Alyssa Davies of Mixed Up Money


I’ve got a returning guest joining me on the podcast today whose new book should be added to everyone’s personal finance reading list. Alyssa Davies of Mixed Up Money is on the show to talk about her latest book, Financial First Aid, and how her approach to saving for unexpected expenses can help you with your anxiety surrounding money.

Alyssa Davies currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, and is a content manager for Zolo as well as a two-time Plutus Award winner for Canadian Personal Finance Blog of the Year for Mixed Up Money. The last time she was on the show was back in 2020 to discuss her first book, The 100 Day Financial Goal Journal (which is episode 235 in case you want to listen).

Now two years later, she’s back to share tidbits from her new book Financial First Aid: Essential Tools for Confident, Secure Money Management.

In today’s episode, Alyssa shares what she’s been up to since our last episode, why she’s passionate about emergency funds, and how big of a role therapy and taking care of your mental health have played in her financial journey. Like myself, Alyssa wants to make financial literacy more easily accessible and understandable. I can’t wait for you to listen to this one!

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