March 9, 2022

[Ep. 318] Why You Should Ask More Questions About Your Money with Lisa Hannam

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We should always be asking questions. Whether it’s calling your credit card company about your bill or asking what someone’s credentials are.
– Lisa Hannam, Executive Editor of MoneySense


Calling all Gen Zs, this is the episode for you! I’m so happy to welcome today’s guest on the podcast today since I’ve been an avid reader of MoneySense Magazine for over a decade. Lisa Hannam, the Executive Editor for the digital magazine, joins me today to share what Gen Z should be looking out for when it comes to getting personal finance advice. 

Lisa Hannam has worked in publishing as a journalist and editor for 17 years. She is a leading force in the success of MoneySense, creating some of the publication’s most viewed and sought-after content. She writes and edits popular articles about personal finance, insurance, banking, investing, practical money tips, and more.

In this episode, Lisa and I talk about why you should always question the sources of the financial advice you follow and how the tone of personal finance education has changed for the better. We also discuss why understanding how your values play into how you manage your money. Lisa was such a great guest and so I know you’ll love this episode!

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