January 19, 2022

[Ep. 311] Money Advice for the Real World with Erica Alini

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Index investing has become somewhat boring and uncool, but boring is good.
– Erica Alini, The Globe & Mail Personal Finance Reporter


Welcome back to a new season of the podcast! I hope you’ve had a nice winter break and like me are ready to get this year started. To kick off Season 14, I’m joined by author and personal finance reporter Erica Alini, whose new book Money Like You Mean is the perfect new year read. 

Erica Alini lives in Toronto and is the incoming personal finance reporter for The Globe & Mail after being a financial journalist at Global News for several years. She was also the face and creator of the Global News’ Money123 personal finance series, which aired on Global National every Saturday evening for nearly two years.

In this episode, we cover so many topics that Erica writes about in her new book, Money Like You Mean It, such as the trouble with buy now, pay later apps, renting vs. owning, how to increase your income, and why the pandemic is partially the reason behind the growing popularity in investing. 

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