July 7, 2021

[Ep. 290] Why Sustainable Investing is the Future with Jessica Robinson

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Financial Feminism is about empowering women to use their wealth so that they can push for this positive change in the world.
– Jessica Robinson, Founder & Managing Director of Moxie Future


For the final week of Season 12, I’ve got not one, not two, but three amazing episodes to share with you before I go on summer break. And for the first episode this week, we’re talking about sustainable investing and financial feminism! To discuss this topic with me, I am joined by an expert in the field (and a fellow Jessica) Jessica Robinson. She is an expert in sustainable finance and has over 15 years of experience in the industry. Her career has taken her all over the world resulting in quite the résumé.

Jessica is a global expert in sustainable finance and the Founder and Managing Director of Moxie Future — the world’s first insights, education, and community platform empowering women as responsible, sustainable, and impact investors. She also has a newly published book, Financial Feminism: A Woman’s Guide To Investing For a Sustainable Future.

In this episode, she talks about what sustainable investing actually means and how it goes deeper than solely investing in green energy. We also chat about how 2020 gave a good indicator to investing skeptics about what kind of returns you can expect from adding sustainable investments to your portfolio, and finally how not to be fooled by greenwashing in the industry.

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