Bryan Rogers

June 10, 2021

[Ep. 285] How to Invest with Options with Bryan Rogers

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This episode of the More Money Podcast is sponsored by TD Direct Investing. June is Options Education Month and TD Direct Investing is hosting a number of free webinars, masterclasses, and on-demand videos to educate investors about their options with, well, options! To learn more visit

The big advantage of (a stock option) is it’s a defined risk.
– Bryan Rogers, Client Education Instructor at TD Direct Investing


Hurray, today is a special bonus episode for you as we get ready to wrap up Season 12 in the coming weeks! In today’s episode, we’re celebrating the fact that June is Options Education Month. I have Bryan Rogers from TD Direct Investing joining me today to share and answer all questions relating to investing with options. 

Bryan is the Client Education Instructor at TD Direct Investing, who has 20 years of experience in the industry with a Master’s Degree in Business. During his Master’s he became interested in personal finance and once he started working at TD he discovered his passion for helping others with their finances leading to his current role. 

Investing has long been a favourite topic on the podcast and I was so happy to have Bryan share his expertise on an alternative kind of investing, and one that is more complex. In this episode, Bryan answered what options are, how they work, common terms, and misconceptions. If you’re interested in investing in options or are just curious because of the constant news surrounding the topic then this episode is definitely for you. 
Make sure to also check out all the free resources on options here:

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