November 18, 2020

[Ep. 253] How to Become a Mindful Millionaire with Leisa Peterson

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You may remember my next guest from episode 104 in which we discussed money and mindfulness. Well, I’ve got Leisa Peterson back on the show to discuss her new book The Mindful Millionaire!

In case you don’t know, Leisa is an author, business growth strategist, money expert, mindset coach and host of The Art of Abundance podcast and the Mindful Millionaire podcast.

You see, it’s all about having a millionaire mindset, or having an abundance mindset, to guide you to make better financial choices for your future. Not only that, but she also shares why it’s so important to practice mindfulness and how taking care of your mental health plays into your financial health. I know you’ll love this episode as much as I loved recording it, so make sure to listen, share, and grab a copy of Leisa’s new book!

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