June 4, 2020

[Ep. 244] How to Support BIPOC Right Now with Jessica Moorhouse

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I’m Jessica and I’m a money expert, speaker, Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada®, host of the More Money Podcast, and am currently writing my first book with HarperCollins Canada (2025).
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Hello, wonderful podcast listener! This is my final episode of Season 10 of the More Money Podcast, and I want to end this season by discussing something very important to me and quite honestly the human race right now. There are global protests both online and offline to fight against the systemic racism that exists in Canada, the U.S., and the rest of the world.

It’s 2020, and despite all the progress and innovation we’ve made as a society, racism still exists. Inequality still exists. Injustice still exists.

I have been so emotional all week. I’m heartbroken about the innocent lives that have been lost due to police brutality. I’m heartbroken that people of colour have suffered for so long while their white allies (like me) have done nothing to help. Enough is enough. I believe what’s happening right now is a tipping point leading to major change. And I for one want to take action.

One of the things I’ve done is made a choice to no longer support FinCon, a financial conference I’ve attended since 2014. You can find more info on my Twitter page, but let’s just say I am an anti-racist and I refuse to support anyone or any institution that does not uphold those basic values.

The thing with money is it has everything to do with race. Moreover, money can be used to make positive change and fight against racism. One way I’ve been trying to lend support to the black community and the protests is by donating money to various bail funds, victim funds, and Black Lives Matter. I will also never be attending FinCon again and as I’ve just received my refund for that event, I will be redirecting those funds to another cause to help people of colour.

Right now isn’t the time to see how things play out or are afraid of not being liked. Right now is the time to speak up and be vocal. It’s time to condemn racism, support people of colour, and not just say you’re an ally, but prove it!

For myself, besides donating money, I’m going to continue to educate myself, I’m going to support more BIPOC businesses, and I will be making the next season of my podcast more diverse in terms of guests. It is something I’ve always tried to do, but just looking at the Season 10 lineup, I know I can do way better.

If you want to take action also, below are some ways you can vote with your dollars, as well as a long list of fantastic BIPOC personal finance influencers to support. Please follow them, consume their content, and amplify their platforms. Their voices need to be heard.

Thanks for listening to this episode and supporting me in these 5 years of having the podcast! I’ll be taking a summer hiatus, and will be bringing back the podcast in late August or early September. To stay in the loop, you can follow me on social media or better yet sign up to my email list. I will most likely pop in and do a few special podcast episodes during the summer, but otherwise, I plan on taking this time to focus on a few projects I’ve had on the back burner and make more videos for my YouTube Channel.
Thanks again for listening and I’ll catch you back on the podcast soon!

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