April 15, 2020

[Ep. 237] Managing Your Money in Uncertain Times with Katie Dunsworth-Reiach

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Life is crazy sometimes. Back in 2009, when I was struggling to find a full-time job after university thanks to the Great Recession, I got an on-call job as a teleprompter operator for Global News thanks to my dad putting a good word in for me (he’d worked there for over 20 years).

It was honestly a godsend because it meant I could earn a little money, pay off my student loan and start saving to eventually move out of my parent’s basement. Anywho, while I worked there (and I ended up keeping that job as a side hustle for 3 years) I would often see the ladies from Smart Cookies appear on the news and share their personal finance wisdom. Cut to 2020, as we enter possibly another recession, I’ve got Smart Cookies co-founder Katie Dunsworth-Reiach on my podcast to talk about how to manage your money during these new uncertain times. And since her personal finance journey was majorly impacted from the last recession too, she has some amazing advice and food for thought in this episode.

Just remember, we’ve gone through many recessions in history before, and there will be many more in the future. It’s how you react and what actions you ultimately take during those hard times that will define your path.

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An entrepreneur since the age of 24, Katie was discovered by Oprah and featured on her show after co-founding the money-mentoring business Smart Cookies in the heart of the financial crisis. Today, Katie is the owner of Talk Shop, an award-winning integrative communications, and marketing agency with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary. Katie believes in the importance of empowering women financially and professionally and has committed to raising the bar for pay and affordable childcare in Canada.

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