Sharon Epperson

December 11, 2019

[Ep. 220] The Life-Changing Reason You Need Emergency Savings with Sharon Epperson

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When I heard Sharon Epperson, CNBC Senior Personal Finance Correspondent, speak at this year’s FinCon, I knew I needed to have her on the show. Her keynote about surviving a brain aneurysm and the importance of having the right insurance and emergency savings made the entire ballroom at the conference so quiet a pin could drop and you’d hear it. Not only that, my mentee who I was connected with as a speaker at the conference, stood up during her speech to share her own health emergency story that I had no idea about. Sharon’s story of why it’s so crucial we all slow down and take care of ourselves moved me, so I hope you feel the same way after listening to this episode.

Below are links to some of the resources we mentioned in this episode, but if there’s one big takeaway I want you to leave with after listening it’s this: nothing is more important in this world than your well-being and health. And personal finance isn’t just about money. It’s about taking care of yourself first. So make sure that you take a look at how you’re covered and start making strides with fully funding your own emergency fund. Moreover, make sure to make a will and assign a Power of Attorney. Because no one can predict when they will experience their own health scare as Sharon did. The only thing we can do right now is to make a plan for “if” and “when” something happens.


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