November 28, 2019

[Ep. 217] What to Know About Health Care & Insurance with Camille Stewart

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Manulife VitalityThis episode of the Mo’ Money Podcast is sponsored by the Manulife Vitality. Available on all CoverMe Health and Dental plans, the Manulife Vitality works so that the more engaged you are and the healthier choices you make, the more points you can earn towards earning Amazon gift cards, discounts at and savings on insurance premiums. To learn more, visit or StewartThere’s a lot of information out there about health care in the U.S., but what about Canada? Is it actually free? What isn’t covered by our government? And does it make sense to get private health insurance?
I sit down with Camille Stewart, Vice President of Strategy and Digital Experience at Manulife Canada, to discuss all of this and more. Camille became interested in working in insurance because of a personal family experience that she shares in this episode. Ever since then, she’s felt a deep passion for educating others about how to properly protect themselves in terms of their health.
Visit to enter to win a copy of one of the books featured on this season of the podcast!

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