Jay Acharya

November 14, 2019

[Ep. 214] How to Be Smarter with Credit with Jay Acharya

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I’m Jessica and I’m a money expert, speaker, Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada®, host of the More Money Podcast, and am currently writing my first book with HarperCollins Canada (2025).
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Capital One Canada is one of the sponsors for this year’s Credit Education Week from Nov. 13-16. There are tons of free financial literacy events happening for Credit Education Week, so visit cewc.ca to find out what’s happening in your city!

This week is Credit Education Week, which is why I don’t just have one, but I’ve got two podcast episodes to share with you! Yesterday, I had Richard Moxley on the show to talk about how to win the credit game (or how to understand and be good at managing credit). For today’s episode, I’m talking to Jay Acharya, Vice President of Card Partnerships and Customer Management at Capital One, because Capital One is the sponsor of Credit Education Week, as well as my upcoming Millennial Money Meetup next week!

Every year, there’s a different theme for Credit Education Week. Last year, as you may remember, I had Patrick Ens from Capital One talk about the theme last year-money mindfulness. This year the theme is #MyMoneyVision, which just means on top of being mindful of your money, it’s important to have a vision for your money.

Just like with anything in life, we won’t change any of our habits without a good reason for doing so. We won’t just start working out because we know we should for our health. We need a clear goal to work towards. I give presentations all the time about how to manage your money better, but I always try to emphasize that nothing I share about how to make a budget or how to pay off your debt will mean anything to you unless you set some strong financial goals.

So I hope you take this opportunity during Credit Education Week to learn more about responsible credit use and to set some financial goals. It’s never to late and you don’t have to wait until the start of the next year. The best time to set a new goal is as soon as possible.

Join the Conversation

To see what other people are talking about for Credit Education Week, follow the hashtags #MyMoneyVision and #CEWC2019

Learn More About Credit Education Week

To learn more about Credit Education Week, visit CEWC.ca and CreditCanada.com.

To Check Your Credit Score for Free

To check your TransUnion credit score for free through Capital One, visit their Credit Keeper page.

Learn More About Capital One’s Cards

Being smart with your money includes understanding how to use credit responsibly and why having a money vision is critical to achieve your financial goals. I share more in this podcast episode.

As mentioned on the show, if you’re trying to improve your credit score but can’t get approved for a credit card, one route you can take is to get a guaranteed or secured credit card as Jay mentioned. You can take a look at Capital One’s various credit cards here.

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