October 17, 2019

[Ep. 209] What You Should Know About Self-Directed Investing with Bruno Sandre

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Happy Investor Education Month! You may not have that’s what October is…but it is! And that’s why I am currently doing a 5-part video series on my YouTube channel as well as doing a bonus episode for the podcast. For this episode, I’m interviewing Bruno Sandre, Associate Vice President of Client Education at TD Direct Investing.

As you can guess from his title, his role is all about improving the financial literacy of TD Direct Investing clients. He doesn’t sell any products, and actually, TD Direct Investing can’t try to sway you to do anything when it comes to your investments because they are a discount brokerage. All a discount brokerage can do is provide the tools and platform you need to invest on your own. That being said, they can still provide free and unbiased education to clients, which they do in their Learning Centre which houses a bunch of video courses, masterclasses, and webinars.

So, since Bruno knows quite a bit about educating people about investing, I wanted to have him on the show to do a deep dive on the topic of DIY investing, also known as self-directed investing.
Below are some links to videos, blog posts, and the webinar that we mentioned in the episode.

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I did a webinar last week with TD Direct Investing on how to boost your investing confidence, and it was so fun! If you missed the live webinar, you can still watch the replay!
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