Who Can You Trust? Financial Designations in Canada

September 25, 2019

[Ep. 205] Who Can You Trust? Financial Designations Explained with Matthew Siwiec

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To kick off season 9 of the podcast, I thought this would be the perfect episode. One thing I hear often from listeners is “I want to work with a financial planner, but who can I trust or how can I find a good one?” If you’ve listened to several episodes of my show, I am not a fan of going to the bank and working with their advisors because they ARE NOT giving you unbiased advice. They work for the bank, and no matter how they are compensated (salary, commission, both), they are incentivized to sell their bank’s financial products first, and advice second.
That’s why I’m such a big fan of fee-only financial planners. Although you do have to pay money upfront to work with them, and sometimes they can be expensive, they are UNBIASED because they do not work for a financial institution. They are being paid to advise you, and they shouldn’t be pushing any particular financial products on you, nor should they be able to sell you anything besides their services.
So, I knew the perfect guest for this episode, my friend Matthew Siwiec, founder of the Friendly Financial Coach. He just finished his CFP exam (which is no easy feat) but has been in the financial advisory industry for over a decade and now works as a fee-only financial planner.

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Who can you trust? When there are so many different titles and financial designations out there, which one's are legit and which one's are just made up? I explain more in this podcast episode.

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