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April 3, 2019

[Ep. 191] Women, Money & Financial Success with Robin Taub

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If you’re a long-time listener of the More Money Podcast, you’ll remember when I had Robin Taub on for episode 32 to talk about her book A Parent’s Guide to Raising Money Smart Kids.
Well, that was a few years ago now so I thought it was time to have her back on the show, but to talk about something very different. As I mentioned at the beginning of the show, we bumped into each other at Melissa Leong’s book launch for Happy Go Money and started talking about the different ways both genders think, talk and manage money. It’s a subject that Robin has been researching quite a bit lately, and one that I thought would make for a great conversation on the podcast since gender roles is a fairly hot topic right.

As humans, we all deal with money differently from one another. As the saying goes, personal finance is personal so there’s really no such thing as a one-size-fits-all financial solution. But, not only do we deal with money differently as individuals, there’s a lot of research to indicate striking differences between how men and women handle money.

Here’s one of the studies that Robin mentions in the podcast by CPA Canada:
The impact of personality traits: a fresh look at gender differences in financial literacy

What much of the research shows is that women tend to be more risk averse or risk-conscious, we struggle with financial confidence, and we tend to be better investors than men. We chat about all this and more in the episode, so enjoy!

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