March 6, 2019

[Ep. 186] Starting a Successful Business with Little to No Money with Nathan Latka

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I’m Jessica and I’m a money expert, speaker, Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada®, host of the More Money Podcast, and am currently writing my first book with HarperCollins Canada (2025).
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For this episode of the show, I interview young entrepreneur Nathan Latka who has released his first book (like…today!). It’s called How to Be a Capitalist Without Any Capital, and it’s his guidebook on how to successfully start a business or side hustle without that much money at the beginning.

You see, Nathan has a pretty interesting story. He basically realized that because of the Internet and social media, the possibilities and opportunities for making money were limitless. He’s started many businesses himself, his first being one where he built and sold Facebook pages (back when you could add apps and widgets to Facebook pages).

The reason I wanted Nathan on the show was to talk about a very important, though sometimes overlooked, the topic of personal finance — making money. So many personal finance books (or experts) give advice assuming you’re an employee at a company and you’re limited by your salary. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case if you don’t want it to be.

Just take my personal finance journey. I worked numerous 9 to 5 jobs since graduating from university, but I always had a second job or side hustle to earn more to keep reaching my financial goals sooner. And at that time, none of my friends or family were doing it. Luckily, I was inspired by other people in the personal finance community who were doing the same thing, so I followed suit. Now, so many of those people who thought I was crazy for working more than one job have started side hustles themselves. And that’s what I hope this episode (and Nathan’s book) help you with. Hearing that you don’t have to start out rich to become rich, you don’t have to be a born entrepreneur to start your own business or side hustle, and essentially your past should not define your future.

Another thing I really want to press is that money should never be the end goal. Building wealth isn’t a solution, it’s the journey. The solution or reason you’re building wealth is so you can live a life that is meaningful to you. For me, I work hard to earn my living so I can afford to travel, have more spare time to fly back to Vancouver to visit family and friends, and sometimes just have the flexibility to take a Thursday afternoon off to read a good book when it’s snowing outside.
Why do you want to build wealth? Really define that, then check out this interview or Nathan’s book for some guidance on how to go about making that a reality.

How to Be a Capitalist Without Any CapitalGrab a Copy of Nathan’s Book

As Nathan mentions in the podcast, his book wasn’t meant to be an evergreen book you can pick up in 20 years and still be relevant. Business and digital marketing are evolving so quickly these days, that his advice may not work even a few years from now. So, if you want to learn what’s worked for him recently, grab a copy of his book, read it and take action NOW!

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