October 24, 2018

[Ep. 173] How to Pay Off Meaningful Debt (and Stay Debt-Free) with Jessi Fearon

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For this episode of the More Money Podcast, I chat with another Jessica who is also a financial coach! I’m talking about Jessi Fearon, who was able to pay off $55,000 in 2 years with her husband while raising a family of 3 little ones. After being a stay-at-home more for a few years, Jessi now spends her days coaching others on how they too can build a solid financial foundation and kick their debt to the curb (for good!) just like her family was able to.

What I love about this episode and Jessi for that matter, is that she is an open book when it comes to her numbers. Most of the time when you see some headline about someone who paid a big amount of debt in a short amount of time, you eventually find out it’s because they got a big windfall, their parents helped them out, or they earn a high salary. That’s not Jessi’s story at all. For her, it came down to making some tough choices, such as taking on some extra jobs like being a server or dog walker to earn some extra money or having to trade in her dream truck for a more cost-efficient car to put the difference onto her debt. Basically, if you’re dealing with debt and need some motivation, this episode is going to make you want to get to work right away and start living a better life!

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