March 7, 2018

[Ep. 149] Living Your Best Life Through Sustainable Frugality with Elizabeth Willard Thames

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Joining me again on the podcast, and now no longer an anonymous blogger at Frugalwoods, Elizabeth Willard Thames is the newly published other of Meet the Frugalwoods. Not a “how-to” book on living that frugal life or reaching financial independence, but her personal story of how she was trying to check off life’s checklist only to realize, that checklist wasn’t making her happy and didn’t align with her values anyway.

I’m pretty sure most of us can identify with this. How many of us have been checking off things throughout our lives without really taking some time to think about whether what we’re doing or achieving is actually making us happy or bringing us fulfillment? I know I was doing that exact thing up until a year ago. I got my degree (check!), got married (check!), got a corporate job in Toronto’s financial district (check!), and by anyone’s standards was “making it.”

But it didn’t feel like that to me, which is why I did a crazy thing and quit my job to work for myself. That’s why I totally get Liz’s story in her book. I can relate to it on such a personal level. Heck, I even fantasize about moving to the country (in the Maritimes) with my husband in the next few years. Now, I’m not sure if that’ll actually happen, but I am definitely taking a page out of Liz’s book by trying to be more intentional with my life and also practicing sustainable frugality.

To me, that means spending my money on stuff that brings value to my life, and not spending money on stuff that doesn’t. Also being strategic so I can maximize my dollars so there’s more money to save and invest for my future. To me, this book was a great in-depth look into someone’s personal finance journey. I really loved this book, and I hope you do too!

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