November 15, 2017

[Ep. 129] How to Be a Sustainable Investor with Tim Nash

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As I mentioned in the episode, I first got to know Tim Nash (a.k.a. The Sustainable Economist) back in the spring when he invited me to his Good Investment Fair.

So when I went to the fair, it really did open my eyes to a whole new world of investing. You don’t just have to buy funds that you think will perform well, you can do that and stay true to your values. And if Tim can help a couple create a totally vegan investing portfolio, then anyone can create a portfolio that speaks to them and what they stand for.

I definitely know that I’m going to have to take a good look at my portfolios and see if there’s anything in there I don’t feel good about. Luckily, more and more robo-advisors are starting to offer portfolios that are more eco-friendly and socially responsible, so that’s definitely a sign that Tim is certainly onto something that will become more popular in years to come.

Tim’s Model Portfolios

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