August 4, 2015

[Ep. 12] How to Become a Farm Investor with Liquid Independence

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When I was in Vancouver in June for my bi-annual visit with the HB, I scheduled some time to talk to one of the first personal finance bloggers I got to know almost 4 years ago.

His blogger name is Liquid Independence and he runs the investment blog Freedom 35 Blog. As you can guess from the name of his blog, his vision is to do everything he can to achieve complete financial independence by 35 years old.

Not only is that a pretty incredible goal to have (I’m just hoping to save up enough for retirement by 65 personally), but he is super savvy when it comes to property investment. He owns his own condo as well as some farmland in Saskatchewan. In this episode, I discuss with him at length his property investment strategies and what steps you need to take in order to become a farm investor too.

Since Liquid’s journey is so interesting, I’ve pulled some of their best and most relevant blog posts of his and listed them below. I’ve also done a bit of research and found some other great resources about investing in farmland in case anyone (like myself) is Googling stuff about it right now.

Relevant Blog Posts by Liquid Independence

Other Farmland Investing Resources

Would you ever consider investing in farmland?

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