[Ep. 102] How to Manage Your Money the Smart Way While Self-Employed

Not many people can say they got their first job at the young age of 5 years old, but my Listener Series guest Christina from Toronto isn’t like many people. She had a firm grasp on how to earn money from a very young age, which helped her when she started learning about personal finance in university.

As she embarked on her career as a freelancer in the film and TV industry, she started realizing that there was more to being financially savvy than just knowing how to earn an income. Now, having been self-employed for 10 years, she shares the tips and tools that have helped keep her out of debt and on a path to financial freedom for anyone else living on a variable income with dreams of financial stability.

Helpful Tip

Pay yourself first.

You may have heard this tip a thousand times, but that’s because it works! It’s Christina’s top money tip, and honestly mine too. All paying yourself first means is allocating your income to your savings goals first, then living on whatever’s left. If you’re not doing this right now, I promise it’ll change your life. A great way to start would be to download my free budget spreadsheet.

Join a Facebook Group

Christina mentioned that a big help in getting her finances on track was to join personal finance Facebook groups. They are great to learn what other people are doing with their money and to be part of a community that also wants to better their financial situation just like you. Here are some of my top picks!

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I spent a good amount of time the past few years creating resources to help you with your money, life and adding more balance into the mix. Check them out on my resources page.

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