[Ep. 89] How to Save Half Your Income Like a Pro with Desirae Odjick

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I know I said Desirae Odjick, the blogger behind Half Banked, is like a mini-me, but I think what I really meant is she’s like a sister from another mister. Once we started chatting, it’s like we already knew each other, and it was such a treat for me to interview her after following her blog for so long.

In this episode, we talk about it all. We touch on how her mom paid her to read personal finance books (which sounds like a dream, but I’m obviously a huge nerd), why she started her blog, how she’s on a journey to save half her income, and how she budgets the “low tech” way with a good ol’ budget spreadsheet.

We also talk a bit about investing, something I think a lot of millennials are afraid to start doing because of the risk factor or because they just don’t know where to start.

Luckily, Desirae created a great foundational (and free) course to get anyone started on their investing journey. She also mentions that she invests with Wealthsimple, one of the leading robo-advisors in Canada, which is one route you may want to look in to. And if you sign up with Wealthsimple right here, you can get a $50 bonus when you sign up with them.

Desirae has a number of other super helpful resources to help anyone just starting out with taking control of their money, so I’ve listed them all below.

I’ve also recently made a free email course, called the Get Your Financial Life Right Challenge, that goes through all the basics of personal finance in 10 days. Sign up to get your first email right away!

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