[Ep. 255] Opting Out to Live a More Intentional Life with Cait Flanders

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Cait Flanders headshotI can’t believe Cait Flanders has been on the podcast 4 times now! Not only that, she truly helped launch the podcast as my first real guest for episode 3. Well, she’s back on the show because after releasing her first book The Year of Less, she has a second book that’s recently come out called Adventures of Opting Out.

As a short bio in case you haven’t followed Cait since she started her original personal finance blog (Blonde on a Budget) in 2010 like me, she was able to pay off all her debt, do a 2-year shopping ban, and eventually published her first book in 2018 sharing her journey in 2018. To me, she always will be one of the OG personal finance bloggers in Canada. Now, she’s moved away from personal finance and into the intentional living and minimalism space, but she still talks about money quite a bit in her books (which I thoroughly enjoy).

In her first book, she wrote about her life and experience doing her shopping ban which changed her life forever. For her new book, Adventures in Opting Out, she writes about how to opt-out of things (or relationships) in order to live a more intentional life.

I think a lot of the time we think of adding things to our life, instead of taking things away or just doing things differently. Not only that, if there’s ever been a time to take a moment and reassess your life, 2020 is it! And Cait’s latest book is such a great way to get inspired and start thinking about how to change your life so it aligns better to what you really want it to look like. That could mean making shifts with your finances, changing your career, opting out of some social media platforms, leaving relationships that don’t add value to your life, or moving to a new place to live.

I hope you really love this episode because I had such a great time recording it. I had an even better time reading Cait’s book, so make sure to check it out for yourself!

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