[Ep. 252] How to Be the Architect of Your Financial Future with Kassandra Dasent

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Kassandra DasentI’m so excited to share this episode! I was told by others that Kassandra Dasent, a financial wellness engineer, Certified Financial Education Instructor, and speaker, would be an amazing guest…and she did not disappoint.

As she shares in this episode, she is immigrated with her mom from Trinidad to Quebec, Canada as a child, and now lives in Florida, USA. And as immigrants to a new country, money was always tight. This led Kassandra to do, as I see so many financial counseling clients do, to rebel as an adult and spend without a plan and eventually get into debt.

But everything changed in 2009 when she realized she was in serious consumer debt. Something needed to change if she wanted to live a more balanced, fulfilled, and financially secure life. So, in June 2009, she created a plan to pay off $55,000 of debt in five years. By November 2012 she became debt-free.

And now she is on the show to not only share her journey of becoming debt-free, but to explain how she did it, how she continued to stay diligent with her plan and stay motivated, and what lessons she learned she hopes to pass onto others who may be in a similar situation.

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