May 1, 2019

[Ep. 196] Looking at the “Why” of Financial Independence with Grant Sabatier

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Maybe it’s because I’ve interviewed so many guests on the show about how they’ve reached millionaire status at such a young age, or because Grant majored in Philosophy, but in this episode we dive deep and talk about the “Why” behind wanting to reach financial independence.

For Grant, saving up a million dollars meant freedom. All he wanted was freedom. He wanted to be able to dictate his own schedule and essentially not be forced to make life decisions based on the balance in his bank account. I know many other people working towards F.I.R.E. also seek freedom, but for others it’s security or a way of laying a foundation to take more calculated risks in life.

What I’d suggest after listening to this episode is to define your financial independence “Why”. So many people think the goal is to become a millionaire, but money is just a tool at the end of the day. There are plenty of examples of unhappy and unfulfilled millionaires out there, just take a look. You need to find your “Why” or your purpose first, and then determine how much you need to save to get there.

Then, you need to figure out the “How”, which you can do by grabbing a copy of Grant’s book.

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Book ContestsENTER CONTESTSHaving a goal like financial independence is great, but you can't have a huge goal like that and not have a solid WHY behind it. I chat about with with financially independent by 30 Grant Sabatier.

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