[Ep. 150] Building a Successful Freelance Business with Matt Inglot

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Before I went full-time self-employed, I had this crazy idea in my head that freelancing meant you’d always be worried about money coming in, would be living from gig to gig and would have no balance in your life.

Well, a year later and I was definitely proven wrong, but this episode isn’t about my story, it’s about Matt Inglot from Freelance Transformation. Not only does he host his own podcast all about freelancing, he runs a successful freelance business himself building websites for high-level clients.

But as you might imagine, it wasn’t always smooth sailing for Matt. For him to achieve the success he has now, he made a number of mistakes along the way. Luckily, he’s open to sharing all of them on the show and has a lot of other nuggets of wisdom to share, such as don’t quit your day job before your side hustle is making money, always try to keep your overhead low, and try to avoid taking out a loan for your business if you can.

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