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For this episode, I chat with Jesse Gernigin from LiveGoldRich and the founder of the Freelancer Success Summit.

He has a really interesting perspective on freelancing because he calls himself a bit of a serial entrepreneur. He started out as an entertainer, a comedic hypnotist to be specific, and then started a few other businesses after that, and eventually became a full-time freelance copywriter which now earns him a comfortable living.

In my experience, I’ve found that when people think of freelancers, they think of people who are always trying to drum up business, are undercutting other freelancers to win clients, and are always struggling a bit financially.

I have no idea where this perception comes from, but it’s something I used to believe before I started my side hustle and eventually became self-employed.

Well, after talking to Jesse, that doesn’t have to be the case. Sure, it may start out that way at the beginning of your freelance career, but you can build upon your experience and eventually reach a level where you can ask for higher rates and pick and choose which clients you want to work for.

And that’s a message Jesse really wants to share, which is why he created the Freelancer Success Summit. To interview and share the stories of other freelancers from all experience levels and disciplines.

You can save your seat and sign up to watch the presentations in the summit for free right now too!

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Jesse as a Hypnotist Before He Became a Successful Copywriter

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