CIBC Aventura Credit Card Perks

October 24, 2018

CIBC Aventura: New Perks for New & Existing Card Members

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This post is sponsored by CIBC. All views and opinions expressed represent my own.

Looking for a credit card that has the best travel perks? Check out the CIBC Aventura line of credit cards with their updated benefits!Some big news just dropped about some of the CIBC Aventura cards, and if you’re a big traveler like me you’re gonna wanna take some notes!

As of Oct. 15, there are a number of new travel perks and enhanced insurance coverage on premium CIBC Aventura credit cards. And this isn’t just some limited-time promotion or anything. They are rolling out these new benefits to new and existing card members for free. Yes, FREE. That means these perks aren’t followed by a card fee increase (all card fees will remain the same).

So, if you already have one of these premium CIBC Aventura cards in your wallet, that card just became a whole lot better. And if you’re currently looking for a new credit card that has a ton of travel benefits, then make sure to read on for more details about why one of these cards may be just what you’re looking for.

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What CIBC Aventura Cards Are Included?

Let me first clarify that CIBC has a ton of different credit cards (you can view the full list here), but these new perks will only apply to the following premium cards:

Moreover, one of the new perks is increased trip cancellation insurance, and that applies to all of these cards except the CIBC Aventura® Gold Visa* Card.

What Are the New Perks?

The new perks that have just rolled out Ie:

  • Access to 1,200+ airport lounges throughout the world, with a Priority Pass™ membership and 4 complimentary lounge entries per year.
  • Rebate on your NEXUS application fee.
  • Mobile device insurance, with coverage for up to $1,000 for lost, stolen, or accidentally damaged devices at home or away.
  • Improved trip cancellation insurance.
  • Hotel burglary insurance.

What Other Perks Do These Cards Have?

If you’re curious what other benefits these cards have, here’s a breakdown of the existing perks for the CIBC Aventura® Visa Infinite* Card and CIBC Aventura® Gold Visa* Card.

  • Trip cancellation and interruption insurance.
  • Flight delay and baggage insurance.
  • Auto rental collision and loss damage insurance.
  • Common carrier accident insurance.
  • Purchase security and extended protection insurance.
  • Out-of-province emergency travel medical insurance.
  • Access to personalized travel booking and trip planning with no booking fees.
  • Fly any airline, with no blackout periods and points that don’t expire.
  • Use Aventura Points to cover full airfare including taxes and fees.
  • Get 2 Aventura Points for every $1 spent on travel purchased through the CIBC Rewards Centre.
  • Get 1.5 Aventura Points for every $1 spent at gas stations, grocery stores, and drugstores.
  • Get 1 Aventura Point for every $1 spent on all other purchases.

In terms of the CIBC Aventura® World MastercardTM and CIBC Aventura World Elite MastercardTM, those cards have been discontinued (meaning you can no longer apply for them). In order to find out all the benefits of those cards, you’ll already have to be a member and will have to refer to your welcome package or speak to a CIBC credit card representative.

What Am I Really Getting with these New Perks?

Priority Pass

Let me just say that once you become a Priority Pass member and can access airport lounges on your trips, you’ll never be able to go back! It’s a game-changer in terms of making your trip less stressful, and more relaxing, and also who doesn’t love free internet, food and drinks before a long flight?

With the new perks, you’ll become a Priority Pass member (a value of $99 USD) and get 4 lounge visits for free (a value of $128 USD). You can also use your lounge visits for just you, or you and a guest. That means you can either visit the lounge 4 times by yourself or twice with a guest.

Make sure you use all your lounge visits though because they expire on the anniversary of your Priority Pass membership registration (they cannot be carried over to the next year). Also, don’t forget to bring your physical Priority Pass membership card with you. There is a digital membership you can use via the Priority Pass app, but some lounges don’t accept it and it’s best just to carry your physical pass in your wallet as a backup.

NEXUS Rebate

I love this perk because honestly if you don’t already have a NEXUS card, you need to go get one! I’ve had my NEXUS card for over 2 years now and my husband just got his. And he got his because every time we’d travel together, I’d get to go through the NEXUS line at security but he wouldn’t. It would take me maybe 15 minutes to go through security, but it would always take him about an hour.

Especially if you travel a lot throughout Canada or the U.S., having a NEXUS card is essential! It means you basically get to skip the long security line and don’t have to get to the airport as early.

With the NEXUS Rebate perk, you really don’t have a reason to not apply for NEXUS. Normally it costs $50 USD to apply for NEXUS, but if you use your eligible CIBC Aventura card to pay the fee, you’ll get the application fee rebated right onto your credit card.

Mobile Device Insurance

We all know that some of the best benefits of having a credit card is the insurance that’s included. Typically, we think of travel insurance, but CIBC is actually the first of the five big banks in Canada to also offer mobile device insurance on these eligible CIBC Aventura cards.

What that means is you’ll be covered up to $1,000 if your mobile device (i.e. mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, a smartwatch that is connected to a wireless provider) is lost, stolen, or accidentally damaged. Since some phones now cost $1,000 to replace, this is a pretty big deal!

To take advantage of this perk, all you have to do is pay for your replacement mobile device using your CIBC Aventura card, and you’ll get that amount paid onto your credit card. For full details on how to do this, read more on CIBC’s website.

Hotel Burglary Insurance

When it comes to travel, I always hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I’m lucky that I’ve never been a victim of burglary on a trip, but I know people who have been. With the new perks, you’ll be covered up to $2,500 for damage to or loss of personal items (excluding cash) due to burglary in your room while you are a registered guest. You have to make sure you pay for your accommodation with your CIBC Aventura card to be covered.

Improved Trip Cancellation Insurance

Just to reiterate, this perk applies to all the eligible CIBC Aventura cards listed above except for the CIBC Aventura® Gold Visa* Card. What this improved trip cancellation insurance means is that you, your spouse, and your dependent children will be covered up to $1,500 per trip for each insured person up to a maximum of $5,000 per trip for all insured persons, for trips charged to your eligible CIBC Aventura card. The trip coverage used to be $1,000 per trip for each insured person, so that’s a $500 bump!

What credit card do you use for travel? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: Nothing on my website or affiliated channels should be considered advice or an endorsement, and some content may include affiliate links in which I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Please read my disclaimer to learn more.

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  1. Barry irvine says:

    Where do I register for the new additional cibc rewards /perks ?????

    • If you already have one of the applicable CIBC credit cards that I mention in the post, you don’t need to do anything. These new perks are automatically added, so nothing you have to do extra to get them. But if you don’t have a card, then you just need to apply for one of the cards. Hope that helps!

  2. Henry says:

    How do I register for Priority Pass Membership?

  3. Barb says:

    Are CIBC flight rewards refundable if you have to cancel your trip?

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