[Ep. 103] How to Be Awesome, Not Broke with Garrett Philbin

Garrett Philbin headshotIf you’re looking for an upper of an episode, something to get you pumped to tackle your life and finances, my guest Garrett Philbin, financial life coach of at Be Awesome, No Broke, is just what the doctor ordered.

He doesn’t just have the perfect radio voice, he literally exudes positivity. It makes sense why he ditched his career in the music business to focused all of his energy and talent in to helping others with their money and life issues.
And similar to what I’m doing right now, he’s on his way to becoming an Accredited Financial Counsellor. I may have convinced him after recording this episode back in the fall to look into the American version, and now he’s on his way to finishing the program.

We talked about a lot of awesome things in this episode, including Garrett’s jump into entrepreneurship, his soul-searching road trip and the deeper reasons why we all struggle with money. Seriously, if after listening to this episode you feel like this is the time in your life that you need to ask for help, Garrett is definitely someone who will be there if you ask.

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